State of the Union

Our State of the Union analysis can help you figure out where your business is right now. Through multiple data mining and visualization techniques we can provide you with many metrics to help in determining your current business state, and where to move in terms of increased profitability and cost savings.


Special scenarios require special solutions. Whether you have a resource scheduling problem or are trying to maximize profit, we will create mathematical models customized to handle your situation.

Predictive and Prescriptive

Predictive and Prescriptive analytic modeling techniques will not only tell you your next best move, it will also provide data driven insights to forecast and predict the outcome of that next step.


Data Collection

Want to get started but lack the data? We will design and create a data collection system with only the minimal amount of manual input necessary. Spend time on what matters, and let the data work for you.

Big Data

T.I. Analytics has experience across the board in the Big Data world. From Hadoop platforms like Cloudera and Hortonworks to off the shelf analytic platforms like Splunk or Tableau, we have you covered.



Just Getting Started?

Don't know what you are looking for, but want to get started in analytics today? Our free Data Audit & Evaluation might be just what you're looking for. Call us to start a conversation about how your company get started.

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